Things are afoot – #3

OK, my last clue was too hard and we have no winners.  Yesterday I said it’s something Mark trained for in the military and also through local and federal law enforcement.  Let’s try something like the clues for a crossword puzzle.  There are 3 words in the clue:

  1. Mark is a cowboy wannabe.  There is a cowboy song that has this word in the first line of the chorus.
  2. This is the name of a kind of pin.
  3. Sometimes a person in a leadership role of a club has this title.

E-mail me if you think you have any of the words.  Good luck!


One thought on “Things are afoot – #3

  1. Mark would like me to modify the first clue. He says he wants to be himself, and he feels best dressed in cowboy clothes. He says if he had a horse, he’d like to ride it. But he feels insulted that I called him a cowboy wannabe. I stand corrected!

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