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I have a friend named Jared Souza who has been working on the illustrations for a comics miniseries called Sparrow & Crowe.  His wife, Jade, is one of my best friends.  They have three children, and the family is about to go to California for the summer to spend time with relatives.

I have been feeling a need to have a logo and business cards, and I asked Jared to design something for me.  I met the family at Starbucks today to look at preliminary sketches Jared had done for me.  While we were sitting there visiting, Jared sketched my profile.  I really liked it!  All he’d had to work with before were some photos I’d sent him, but the sketch he did of me today looked alive!

Jared said he’ll have the logo finished by mid-week.  I can hardly wait to add it to my web site!  (Look for it on my Home page in a few days.)  I told him I want to focus on the author, but have myself there dialoging with the author about what she is writing.  I’d also like there to be a child reading a book to indicate the finished product.  This is how I view what I do:  I work with the author to produce something ready to be published for the reader.  We are all a part of the process.

Jared, my thanks go to you for putting this vision on paper.  You are very talented and I hope your comics sell well!

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