New features

Jamey and I (with Elge Premeau’s help) have been working on trying to make this web site a little easier for you readers.  You will now see that there is an RSS button, and there’s also a place where you can subscribe by entering your e-mail address.  This will make it so that you can get automatic notification when I post a new blog.

I’ve also labeled the search box in the sidebar so you can search for blogs by keyword.  You can also go to the very bottom of the page and click on anything in my tag cloud. 

I mentioned a couple days ago that Elge suggested I group the people I’m following on Twitter into lists.  Jamey is working on getting a Twitter button onto my page so you can see some suggestions of people and organizations to follow, if that would interest you.

This is a group effort to make the site work better for you.  Leave a comment if you have suggestions of a feature you’d like us to add.

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