Joe, the bird tamer!

This afternoon after Mark and I finished cleaning, we were in the office chatting with Rosanne when we looked out the window and saw Joe Velez filling the bird feeders in the courtyard.  Then we saw something incredible that Mark was able to take pictures of on his phone…

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My take on things

Mark mentioned in his guest blog that I was feeling overwhelmed a few days ago.  More on that at the end of this post, but for right now, here are some of the shots I took of the boat tour Tim gave us: Continue reading

Guest Blog: “Me” aka Mark Fuller

Hey, everbody!!  It’s Me!!!

Denise is feeling a bit overwhelmed and asked if I could do her blog for her tonight.  She wanted to write it last night, but the excitement of our boat ride caused her to run out of steam, even before she had time to finish editing all the pictures she took from our excursion.

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God’s bountiful provision

When I was young, about forty years ago, there was a series of record albums (remember those?) called Environments.  The creator of the albums would go to some remote place like the ocean or a lake during a storm and record the sounds.  Each side of the album would play about half an hour of whatever the microphone caught and for that glorious amount of time, you could be transported there within the confines of your own home. Continue reading

From Ypsilanti, MI

We only had about a three hour drive east across the state of Michigan today.  Our destination was Ypsilanti which is kind of like a suburb of Detroit.  We’re here for a one day Bible conference that Our Daily Bread Ministries will be putting on tomorrow. Continue reading