The birth of a business

It’s official! I registered my business with the State of Wisconsin and got my EIN (Employer Identification Number) today. The name went through several iterations but I finally named it Camp Quilter Kits. I have a website being built for it, so once that’s ready, I’ll let you look at it and see what you think!

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It’s been a good day in Ellison Bay!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this in my blog before, but I am on unemployment, and I made the mistake of reporting that I was unavailable to work the week that Mark and I were traveling up here. Ever since then, they stopped sending my benefits while they investigated why I wasn’t available that week.

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Twelve years and counting!

Today, June 13th, Mark and I are celebrating our twelfth wedding anniversary. We spent most of the day apart — he driving to Milwaukee, a three hour drive each way, and me spending a good part of the day at the local laundromat cleaning up more stuff the mice got into. We did eventually get together for a dinner which we ordered as curbside delivery.

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Virtual Quilt Market 2020

I am finally coming up for air after spending an intense three days participating in the first-ever Virtual Quilt Market. This is a bi-annual conference for quilters that was supposed to take place in Philadelphia in April, but due to the coronavirus, they did it online this week. I wouldn’t have been able to attend any other way. It only cost me $50 to get the whole package!

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Parting is such sweet sorrow

Mark left at 9:30 this morning headed toward Indiana.  I tried to delay him as long as possible so that I could have a little more time with him, but I should have let him go sooner because he didn’t reach his destination until 9:00 our time, 10:00 Eastern time.  Thankfully, he took Tucson with him. Continue reading