I had saved about $600 from my pay at H&R Block with which to get furniture.  I figured it might be enough to get me a dining room table and chairs, and hopefully a small dresser as well.  I asked my friend, Judy Boldt, a thrift shopper extraordinaire and the president of my Wisconsin fan club, to take me thrift shopping.  She has spent the last two days taking me to thrift stores from Sturgeon Bay to Sister Bay. Continue reading

Mother’s Day and the Big 6-0

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I should have wished all you mothers out there a happy one, but I was too busy enjoying mine.  Sorry!  Today was my 60th birthday.  It was relatively normal with some special elements.  I have pictures from both days, although my pictures from today were taken on my phone and the quality isn’t quite as good. Continue reading


With apologies to my readers back home, I’m going to post a bunch of pictures of people you don’t know!  This is because today there was a potluck of staff and seasonals and included was a retirement party for a man who hasn’t worked here most of the summer.  He had camped and worked here for many years and started the summer with us, but for various reasons he had to retire before the summer even started.  Many people here love Fritz so this was his official send-off.  Several of those people will be reading this blog, so this one’s for them!  (Those of you back home are welcome to read it too, though!)  And without further ado, here are the pictures: Continue reading

Workamper Fabrics

My friends and co-workers, Katherine Plahmer and Rosanne Curran, are also quilters.  Each of them has taken me to Barn Door Quilts in Sturgeon Bay.  In fact, Rosanne went to school with the owner so she introduced me to her.  I have been to a couple of quilt stores here in Door County and have hoped they’d have some fabric that typified Door County.  The closest I’ve come is cherry fabric and nautical fabric.   Continue reading