From Lumberton, NC

Our day did not start out well.  You may recall that when we tried to park in our campsite last night, there was a truck parked there and Mark had to honk for a while to get the owner to come out and move it.  This morning as we were packing up, a woman with a clipboard came by and told us that the next camper for our space was there.  We were supposed to have a checkout time of 11:00.  It was only 10:30. Continue reading


This weekend we have a group of A-liners staying at Wagon Trail Campground.  They’re having an A-liner rally.  They’ve been coming in throughout the week, but today most of the rest of them arrived.  “What is an A-liner?” you might be asking yourself.  I grabbed a picture off Google images to show you: Continue reading

From De Pere, WI

I’ve been remiss in writing since we left Minneapolis last week.  When we first got to De Pere (just south west of Green Bay, WI) we had a couple deadlines hanging over our heads, and when we managed to get those done, there didn’t seem to be much to write about. Continue reading