An interesting turn of events

Tuesday and Wednesday were my days off, and that’s when I did all the job hunting I wrote about in my last post.  I believe I have been hired at Tea Thyme In Door County which is owned by the women that live across the street from us.  I’m to meet with Karen on Monday morning at 10:00 to firm that up a bit.  So far, they are talking about needing me for ten hours a week in the mornings. Continue reading

Job hunting, day four… and success!

I had two interviews lined up for today and one tomorrow, plus there was a message on my answering machine from someone else who was trying to line up an interview with me, but after the first interview today I was hired!  This was the place where the assistant manager had sounded so interested in me last week, and today I was interviewed by the manager. Continue reading

Job hunting, day three

This morning I remembered that when I was here during the summer I had learned that the local mall, Washington Square, has a website where all the stores list their job openings.  I went there and ran down the list looking for any that said they had seasonal openings.  I came up with a list of nine stores that were looking for someone on a seasonal basis.  I printed up ten copies of my resume and hit the mall…

Continue reading

God’s provision for us

We went to my church, Community Friends Church, yesterday.  In the “programmed” Friends meetings, there is a time for open worship.  This is a designated five or ten minute period of silence where people can talk about what God is doing in their lives, ask for prayer, read a passage of scripture, sing, or whatever they feel moved by the Spirit to do.  So I shared about coming to the point of thanking God that we won’t be able to come back to Wagon Trail Campground next year and that my life is in upheaval and I don’t know what He’s doing, but deciding to trust Him. Continue reading

Praise the Lord!!!

I have been really stressed lately about the fact that we didn’t have a job lined up for this winter.  Our job here ends on October 19th and the only jobs I was finding offered no pay other than a site for our RV or they were in the wrong part of the country.  I had originally thought I wanted to be in Mississippi or Alabama this winter, but when I couldn’t find work there I expanded to the entire southeastern United States.  I put our resume out and made inquiries and no one responded. Continue reading

From Glendive, MT

This morning we caught Steve, the representative from Express Employment Professionals, and had a long talk with him.  We told him what happened yesterday and the problems we were having and asked him if we could work in the lab.  He said they just hired two young guys yesterday to work in the lab and we asked if they might be willing to trade.  He said he’d check on it, and if not he wondered if we’d be willing to switch to another piler yard that would be no more than twelve hours.  We were hesitant. Continue reading

Going nowhere

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  There hasn’t been anything out of the ordinary to write about, and today is no exception.  Rather than sight seeing or going shopping in Fairbanks, we decided to stay home and get some things done around the house.  The only thing I can say I’ve been doing lately is job hunting.  Yes, I know we have a job lined up in Montana in October, but I’m trying to line up something for after that.  We’d like to go south, maybe to Texas.  If any of you have any leads, please send them my way!

Looking toward the future

Mark and I basically stayed home and cleaned house today, but I do have something good to report.  Last week I e-mailed a company that has been advertising for beet harvest help in October.  Today we received a phone call from the company.  The man who spoke to us on the phone asked us a few questions and said he’ll send us a couple applications! Continue reading