Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

The one thing my father has most wanted Mark and I to see before we leave Tucson (the town, not the dog) is the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.  You may recall we set out to go once before and we got side-tracked by Old Tucson.  We realized that it was now or never, so we went this afternoon in honor of Dad. Continue reading

From Tucson, AZ

We’re here!  Thank you to those of you who were praying for safety for our trip.  I had a training to get to at 1:00 today, so we felt a little rushed.  We left Phoenix at 8:50 am.  The temperature was 49°.  Remember me saying I didn’t think I was going to need a sweater until I got back to Wisconsin?  I’m re-thinking that!  The temperature got up into the 70’s this afternoon, but when I came out of my training it was cooler and more comfortable.  Nights in the desert are colder, so I’m not putting my sweaters away yet. Continue reading

Third time’s a charm?

We are still at home.  Never having winterized a house before, Mark spent the day trying to drain all the water.  I loaded a bunch of stuff into the RV and got the house clean, but the RV needs to be organized and Mark still has stuff to put in the RV as well.  Now we are aiming to leave sometime tomorrow morning.  At least we will be sleeping in the RV tonight as there is no water in the house.  Hopefully by tomorrow night, I’ll be reporting from somewhere else!