Getting to know you

Today, I feel like a threshold was crossed. Monday and Tuesday, I was just getting acquainted with the other quilters, but today, at least for me, the women here were beginning to feel more like friends. Especially Karen. I opened up and told her my life’s story and she listened in a deep way. She used to be a nurse and she has that sort of compassionate feel about her. She’s been sitting across the sewing table from me every day, so I have talked with her more than the others, but they are all very friendly.

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Crashing a party!

The youth minister, Dustin, and his wife, Jill, in my church down here have been trying for a number of years to have a baby, and they were recently preparing to go for their third attempt at In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) when Jill got pregnant. They had been through several miscarriages before, so they kept it hush-hush until they passed the point of no return. Just in the last few weeks, they learned what the gender of the baby is so they decided to have a Gender Reveal party in the church parking lot last night.

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Joining the ranks

Last week, I got word that my job at the Ellison Bay Visitor Center isn’t going to be happening this year. The economy in Door County is based on tourism, but events that involve fifty or more people gathering have been canceled for this summer. My boss at the visitor center is going to man the center by herself because there probably won’t be very many questions about events or things to see and do.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Champoeg State Park was going to be full from tonight through Saturday night when Wendy first made a reservation for us this last week.  By the time I got on last night to make a reservation beginning December 1st, the park was full until the 8th.  That’s what procrastination gets you! Continue reading