The birth of a business

It’s official! I registered my business with the State of Wisconsin and got my EIN (Employer Identification Number) today. The name went through several iterations but I finally named it Camp Quilter Kits. I have a website being built for it, so once that’s ready, I’ll let you look at it and see what you think!

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Twelve years and counting!

Today, June 13th, Mark and I are celebrating our twelfth wedding anniversary. We spent most of the day apart — he driving to Milwaukee, a three hour drive each way, and me spending a good part of the day at the local laundromat cleaning up more stuff the mice got into. We did eventually get together for a dinner which we ordered as curbside delivery.

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In time for Christmas Eve

Usually, Mark and I wait until Christmas Eve day to get our presents for each other at the Dollar Tree, but we weren’t sure if Mark would be working the day shift and me the evening shift on Christmas Eve, so we did our shopping yesterday.  Then I was going to have us wait to wrap them on Christmas Eve, but Mark threatened to go looking for what I’d gotten him, so we wrapped them yesterday too! Continue reading