What I’ve been doing in my off time

I haven’t sent many pictures lately because I’ve been having technical difficulties with both my camera and my laptop, but tonight I mean to rectify the situation.  Besides sewing and quilting, I’ve also joined a photography club, and I’m learning a bit about ways to improve my photography through the way I shoot pictures and also through the editing process.  We’re practicing on dogs because you can’t control them so you have to learn how to go with the flow.  Here are some shots I took at the dog park last week: Continue reading

Market day

Today was Farmer’s Market day in downtown Winnsboro.  Yesterday Karl got kind of crushed by a cow so he had a doctor’s appointment this morning and couldn’t go with Nancy.  She herself wasn’t feeling up to snuff, so I offered to go with her and help.  There were only about five tables in this Farmer’s Market and not too many people came through so I had a chance to see all the tables and visit with the vendors.  Part way through the morning Karl stopped by on his way to the doctor and left Stewart with us.  Here is what I saw today: Continue reading