The removal of God’s glory

I was reading Ezekiel 8-10 this morning in my devotions.  God took Ezekiel, in a vision, to all the places in and around the temple where the elders and the people were worshiping false gods and idols, thinking that God wouldn’t see them.  He knew all their hiding places.  In the vision, Ezekiel watched as God slowly got up from the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant and removed his glory from the temple. Continue reading

God’s provision for us

We went to my church, Community Friends Church, yesterday.  In the “programmed” Friends meetings, there is a time for open worship.  This is a designated five or ten minute period of silence where people can talk about what God is doing in their lives, ask for prayer, read a passage of scripture, sing, or whatever they feel moved by the Spirit to do.  So I shared about coming to the point of thanking God that we won’t be able to come back to Wagon Trail Campground next year and that my life is in upheaval and I don’t know what He’s doing, but deciding to trust Him. Continue reading

The perks of working at Wagon Trail Campground!

Wednesday night, almost the entire staff, including Tim and Kathy who arranged it, got to take a boat tour of the bluffs with Shoreline Tours.  This came about because someone from the tour company took the Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) training with us a few weeks ago and they offered us a free tour.  I took well over two hundred pictures and it has taken me a few days to edit them all.  Now, picking just a few of these to show you is my next hurdle! Continue reading

Going for a Sunday drive

This morning we went to the Friends church in Sturgeon Bay that we had gone to whenever we had a chance last summer.  This is the church where The Old Rugged Cross was first performed at a revival meeting.  They have a monument to that effect beside the church building. Continue reading

One day Bible conference

Shortly before we left Florida I got an email from Our Daily Bread Ministries saying they were going to be putting on a one day Bible Conference in Detroit, MI on April 30th and it was only going to cost $10 per person to cover a box lunch.  It was on our way, it was at the right time, and the price was right.  Who could pass up such an offer? Continue reading

From Pelham, AL

It’s not easy sleeping in a cabin with a hard mattress and two cats who are loose around you all night.  By the time morning rolled around, we were ready to get out of there.  It took three trips over to where our RV was for Mark to transport the cats and our stuff back, and the second time he returned to the cabin he told me that the part for our RV had just come in.  By the time I was able to go over, the guys were saying the RV would be done in an hour and a half.  Mark and I decided to check out the town while we waited.  There wasn’t much to the town, but we found this beautiful field: Continue reading

The Sunday after the storm

I emailed everyone I could think of this morning to forestall anyone worrying about us when they saw the news about the tornado that hit close to where we are.  For those of you who didn’t get an email, you needn’t worry about Mark and me.  We slept through the whole storm and it didn’t greatly affect Sun N Fun.  We’ve seen lots of Spanish moss on the ground and one of the wifi towers was down this afternoon, but everyone here in the park is safe. Continue reading