Third time’s a charm?

We are still at home.  Never having winterized a house before, Mark spent the day trying to drain all the water.  I loaded a bunch of stuff into the RV and got the house clean, but the RV needs to be organized and Mark still has stuff to put in the RV as well.  Now we are aiming to leave sometime tomorrow morning.  At least we will be sleeping in the RV tonight as there is no water in the house.  Hopefully by tomorrow night, I’ll be reporting from somewhere else!

Scattered to the wind

Last year and the year before, Mark and I were working at Wagon Trail Campground.  Had we been there this year, Monday would have been our last day of work and we would have likely been heading out yesterday.  All day Monday, I was thinking about my friends at Wagon Trail and wishing I could be with them at their staff party, but I’m not staff there anymore.   Continue reading

New job for next year!

I have already begun thinking about next year’s employment, and in fact, I have a new part-time job lined up for next summer.  Last year I went through the training to become a Certified Tourism Ambassador and I love talking about Door County, so what could be more natural than working in the Ellison Bay Information Center?  Here is something from the newsletter my new boss, Mickie Rasch, sent out: Continue reading

Lessons on the road

You may recall that I gave Liuda her first driving lesson in July and then another one in August.  It has been difficult to coordinate with her for driving lessons, especially since she has been sick for the last three weeks.  She told me today that she has pneumonia. Continue reading