Land o’ Goshen!

Mark spent the day in Goshen today.  He had intended to go up to Elkhart to open a business account there, but he couldn’t find the key to the gas cap on his motorcycle and he was too low on gas to make it to Elkhart.  Not to worry, though… He emailed them and inquired about opening a business account and they welcomed him. Continue reading

Mark’s progress: Goshen, IN

It was a dark and stormy night when I reached Mark… for him, not me.  He was still driving and he was near Lake Michigan after having crossed two and a half states.  Every so often he’d say, “Wow!” and I’d know there had been another massive lightning strike like you only get in the Midwest. Continue reading

Mark’s progress: Manchester, TN

Mark spoke to me from Manchester, TN this evening.  He said he has finally gotten into cold weather.  I asked him if he had any stories to report and he said that at one point today, traffic was so packed together that the trailer of a semi bumped and scratched the housing for one of his side mirrors.  That’s pretty tight! Continue reading