Bicycling to the second stoplight

So many of you congratulated me on reaching the first stoplight on my bicycle yesterday that I feel compelled to briefly tell you about my attempt to ride to the second stoplight this morning.  As I said before, it was mostly downhill to the first stoplight, but not so to the second stoplight.  I had to do more pedaling and go over a few humps.  I was tired by the time I caught up with Mark ten minutes after he arrived at our meeting place.  I told him I’ll meet him there again tomorrow and perhaps the rest of the week until I get stronger.  My legs felt like rubber when I got off my bike.  I’ll get better, but I need to take it slowly at first.

From Milwaukie, OR

We finally made it here.  We arrived around noon and then Mark tried to get everything set up.  For some reason, our electrical keeps tripping the breaker, so we will need to use the generator in the RV until Mark can find the parts to fix it.  We also need to get another hose so we can hook up to water.  We are just really happy to have landed, and the family has been contacting us to welcome us back.  Since I wasn’t able to show pictures from yesterday, I’ll include some of those today. Continue reading