Mark’s progress: Manchester, TN

Mark spoke to me from Manchester, TN this evening.  He said he has finally gotten into cold weather.  I asked him if he had any stories to report and he said that at one point today, traffic was so packed together that the trailer of a semi bumped and scratched the housing for one of his side mirrors.  That’s pretty tight! Continue reading

Hilton Head, SC

Dad has been saying for years that Hilton Head is one of his favorite places in the country.  This morning we headed south to check it out for ourselves.  It was nearly a two-hour drive to get there.  We had no idea what to look for there, so we tried stopping at the first welcome center we saw, and we found that it was closed and completely empty.  Not a good sign! Continue reading

From Lumberton, NC

Our day did not start out well.  You may recall that when we tried to park in our campsite last night, there was a truck parked there and Mark had to honk for a while to get the owner to come out and move it.  This morning as we were packing up, a woman with a clipboard came by and told us that the next camper for our space was there.  We were supposed to have a checkout time of 11:00.  It was only 10:30. Continue reading

Church #8

I wasn’t in the mood for an “O Happy Day!  Praise the Lord!” kind of church today, so it was Provident that I had scheduled to go visit St. Nicholas Orthodox Church this morning.  I have visited many churches in my day, and even a couple synagogues, but I have never been to an Orthodox church before.  I had decided to visit this one today Continue reading