An interesting turn of events

Tuesday and Wednesday were my days off, and that’s when I did all the job hunting I wrote about in my last post.  I believe I have been hired at Tea Thyme In Door County which is owned by the women that live across the street from us.  I’m to meet with Karen on Monday morning at 10:00 to firm that up a bit.  So far, they are talking about needing me for ten hours a week in the mornings. Continue reading

Doesn’t anyone want to WORK any more?

Williams-Sonoma has been hiring for several weeks now and everyone they interview wants to work on the sales floor rather than in the stock room, even though we in stock earn $1 more per hour than the sales associates do.  Last week they thought they had a couple more people hired to work in stock, but the people never showed up and didn’t even call. Continue reading

New glasses

Today Mark took me to Sturgeon Bay to pick up my new glasses.  You may recall that my old glasses got badly scratched when I had my bicycle accident several weeks ago.  I’ve been using my long distance glasses for the last several weeks, but I’ve been going nuts and getting headaches trying to see anything around the distance of my laptop screen.  Mark took pictures of this momentous occasion:

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