From Kennebec, SD

I can’t remember if I had mentioned that the campground we stayed at last night was Blue Earth Campground.  Nice place!  And the hosts were Sean and Marian.  Nice people!  We stopped on our way out to dump our garbage and Sean came out to wish us well.  I gave him a Christian hug.  I don’t think he was expecting that, but he didn’t object. Continue reading

From Wausau, WI

After four years of moving around, we have finally learned that we need to make our first day a shorter drive than any of the others.  This is because there is always more to do to get going than we anticipate, and because we stop on our way to load up with paper plates, plastic ware and easy food for the trip.  We have to put everything on our counters (both bathroom and kitchen) into the sinks so it won’t fall on the floor while we are on the road.  Thus, the need for paper plates! Continue reading

We’re certified!

Our boss is the greatest!  Kathy paid for everyone on staff who wanted to to get trained as a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA).  Mark and I went through the training today at The Clearing in Ellison Bay.  But first, a woman from The Clearing gave us a tour of the campus. Continue reading

God’s bountiful provision

When I was young, about forty years ago, there was a series of record albums (remember those?) called Environments.  The creator of the albums would go to some remote place like the ocean or a lake during a storm and record the sounds.  Each side of the album would play about half an hour of whatever the microphone caught and for that glorious amount of time, you could be transported there within the confines of your own home. Continue reading

From Ypsilanti, MI

We only had about a three hour drive east across the state of Michigan today.  Our destination was Ypsilanti which is kind of like a suburb of Detroit.  We’re here for a one day Bible conference that Our Daily Bread Ministries will be putting on tomorrow. Continue reading

Family property

Mark and I didn’t set out until mid-afternoon today, and we stopped first at the quilt shop just up the road from our RV campground.  The woman in the shop has lived in both the St Petersburg area of Florida and in Door County, WI, so she was familiar with where we’ve been and where we are going.  It’s a small world! Continue reading

Plan B

This morning we called several service centers to see if they could work on our RV but they all said no.  Finally, Mark asked at the office of the park we’re staying in to see if there was anyone they could recommend.  They recommended a little shop not far from here so we took the RV to the shop. Continue reading

From Madison, FL

I want to thank all my new Sun N Fun readers for the warm send-off you gave us.  So many of you came by as we were packing up and getting ready to leave.  Your heartfelt farewells and “Have a safe trip” wishes were much appreciated.  We didn’t get out of Sun N Fun till 2:00 this afternoon.  I think that’s the latest we’ve ever started out from a job site, but there were so many of you who said you’ll miss us.  It kind of put a lump in my throat! Continue reading