About Denise Fuller

I live with my husband, my two cats (Dobby and Kimba), and a dog (Tucson) in a 32' RV. We travel around the country as Workampers. These are our adventures...


As you may recall, yesterday Mark had to stop trying to pull out that bush by the clothesline because a piece broke that was holding the chain. Today, he went to the hardware store and bought something sturdier for pulling out stumps, and he started out with a stump in the front flowerbed where we cut down an ugly bush our first summer here.

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Rearranging the furniture

I got another roll of batting yesterday and Mark and I realized that I am going to need the whole craft room for my office. I had hoped we could be creative in there together, but I’m bursting at the seams with all the kits I’ve been making in the last couple of weeks. But I found a space for Mark to move to…

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All work and no play…

Today, Mark was home and Ashton was here so we did some work and we did some play! Ashton and I have been starting out each day by watching an episode of The Chosen about the life of Jesus. If you haven’t seen it, you can get it on your computer by googling The Chosen and Episode 1 or whichever episode you are on. I highly recommend it. It’s the best portrayal of Christ I’ve ever seen. He has a twinkle in His eyes!

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A substitute for Bridges

Because they didn’t think there’d be any J-1 students (foreign exchange) coming over this year, the leaders of the Bridges program that always planned fun activities for the young people didn’t plan anything for this year. When I wrote to them and told them that my kids were coming, Janet, the wife of the leadership team (along with Ken – The Bicycle Man), invited us to bring them to their church youth group activities. Tonight was the first one for our “daughters”.

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