About Denise Fuller

I live with my husband, my two cats (Dobby and Kimba), and a dog (Tucson) in a 32' RV. We travel around the country as Workampers. These are our adventures...

Sunday School

A friend of mine at church, Kathy Rimsha, has been teaching Sunday School lessons to the handful of children at Friends Community Church for the last year. A month or so ago, she told me she was going to have to cancel for a couple of months as her daughter was undergoing radiation for breast cancer and her family didn’t want her to be exposed to any illness the children might be carrying, especially the coronavirus.

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Getting to know you

Today, I feel like a threshold was crossed. Monday and Tuesday, I was just getting acquainted with the other quilters, but today, at least for me, the women here were beginning to feel more like friends. Especially Karen. I opened up and told her my life’s story and she listened in a deep way. She used to be a nurse and she has that sort of compassionate feel about her. She’s been sitting across the sewing table from me every day, so I have talked with her more than the others, but they are all very friendly.

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When the news becomes personal

I was scheduled this morning to have an online meeting with a consultant who has been helping me figure out how to use my business Facebook page to more effectively reach my customers. He’s usually on time. As it was approaching 11:00 my time, I wrote to ask if we were meeting. In response, I got an email with just a picture.

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