Mark got a job!

Mark had his interview this morning for the driver’s helper position at UPS.  He got the job – yeah! – but it’s on-call and it only pays half as much as the other position he applied for.  He found out today that the other position is already filled.

This morning, I went to a sewing group with Wendy and worked on making a pad for Mark to use in his business in Tucson.  It was interesting listening to the women talk about going to various town meetings regarding traffic issues in Donald.  These people sound as though they get really involved in their community, which is nice to see.  I also had an opportunity to see the kinds of sewing or crafting projects they were working on.  I enjoyed myself even though I didn’t know anyone there except Wendy.  They were all very friendly and helpful.

This afternoon, I found an email from H&R Block regarding the application I turned in yesterday.  They have a new way of doing interviews.  It’s all online.  They would post a written question and then videotape me answering it.  Then they had me do several cognitive tests.  They will review it and let me know if they decide to proceed with me.

I haven’t heard yet from the other jobs I’ve applied for.  I will keep trying, but with Mark having work, at least it looks like we will be staying in Oregon through December.  Hopefully, we will be able to make enough money for our trip to Tucson in January.  We are in God’s hands, so I am trusting Him to provide.

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