Autumn, when everything begins to settle down!

This weekend has been Fall Fest in Sister Bay, a time when all the locals know better than to try to go anywhere near Sister Bay.  Today was my last official day at the Noble House for this season.  Now that Fall Fest is over, things are winding down.  I want to treat you to some of our fall colors…

Autumn around Ellison Bay

The colors haven’t been as brilliant as last year, but they are still pretty.

This is near our house.

I took this this afternoon with my phone.

Another shot on my way home from work today.

Is it any wonder I love living here in the fall?

A tree on our street

Looking through the woods off of our back deck

A tree in our back yard

I bought two blueberry bushes and a grapevine at the beginning of the season and haven’t planted them yet. The red-leafed blueberry bush actually produced some fruit this summer!

Today was my last official day of work at the Noble House, but I’ll be back one last time before we leave to give my mother her own private tour!  I still have a little over a week of work left at the Visitor Center and then I’ll be flying to Oregon to pick Mom up and ride back here with her on the train.  I’m looking forward to it!

Today is also Merih’s and Kader’s last day of work.  Kader is working at a restaurant called Pasta Vino’s tonight.  Mark and I went there for dinner and Kader was very attentive to whatever we needed.  Her boss let her sit down with us for a few minutes and we gave her a card telling her how much we’ve enjoyed having her for our Bridges daughter.  We have requested her again if she returns next year.  She had to work until 10:00 tonight.

We ordered dessert from Pasta Vino’s and took it with us to Stabbur where Merih was working until 10:00 tonight.  He bought us each a Root Beer.  Stabbur is the beer garden affiliated with Al Johnson’s restaurant, the place with the goats on the roof!  Stabbur was so loud, it was difficult to carry on a conversation with Merih, but we gave him a card as well, saying how much we’ve enjoyed having him as our Bridges son.

After getting off work at 10:00 at Stabbur this evening, Merih was going to work at his other job, Sister Bay Bowl, until 1:00 tonight/tomorrow.  Then he and Kader have until 3:00 in the morning to rest a little before heading down to Green Bay to catch a bus from there to Chicago where they will get on a plane headed home to Turkey.  Merih has already missed several weeks of school, and Kader has missed the beginning of her school year too, so they don’t have a lot of time to rest up from their trip.  We will miss them, and I know they will miss us, but hopefully, we’ll see each other again next summer.

Bon Voyage, Kader and Merih!

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