Last day of freedom

Tomorrow, I pretty much start my new work schedule for the season.  We had a staff meeting at the Visitor Center this afternoon to go over everything we need to know to work there.  My head is spinning!

The best part of the day was this morning when I went to the quilt guild meeting.  I am a member of the Trillium Quilt Guild which meets at the firehouse in Sister Bay.  Most of the meetings, someone in the group teaches the rest of the group something, and today the topic was how to cut up a Nine Patch and put it together in different ways.

On the left, the instructor showed how to cut the Nine Patch up, and on the right, you see what complicated patterns you can make with the pieces.

After the meeting at the Visitor Center this afternoon, I wanted to try sanding the paint off the inside of some of the drawers from the bathroom vanity.  I wanted to see what was under all that paint.

Here is the contrast between the painted front of one drawer and the sanded back of another.

I think I might strip the paint off all the drawers and doors.  To tell you the truth, Mark and I have changed our minds about putting the cedar in the bathroom.  The medicine cabinets we got at the pre-demolition sale are made of oak…

These were the medicine cabinets when we first put them in the back of the truck.

…so we decided to put the cedar in our closets and use oak in the bathroom.  As it turns out, the wood under the paint on the doors and drawers of the vanity are also oak.  Looks like we’ll be doing an oak bathroom instead of a cedar one.

When Mark came home from work, we needed to put plastic up over the shower wall so we can take a shower in the morning.  This is what it looks like now:

If all this plastic doesn’t stop the leak, I don’t know what will!

Tomorrow, I will be working all day at the Visitor Center in Ellison Bay.  If any of my local readers see this in time, drop in and say “Hi!”

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