Our new thermostat!

This morning, I was huddled next to the wood stove trying to keep the fire going and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the furnace people when two nice young men arrived at 9:00.  I gave them a tour of the house and showed them how to get down into the crawl space under the house.  Soon there were all sorts of noises coming up from below: soft voices, loud power saws and lots of banging.  Close to noon, I went to the big hole in our bathroom floor and asked if they’d like for me to go get a pizza.  They were all for that.

By lunchtime, they had the new thermostat installed and the furnace was working downstairs.  We had lunch at the dining room table and I asked them where they are from.  Both of them seem to have lived in the Green Bay area all their lives.  One of them has traveled a fair amount around the country though and we compared stories.  After lunch, they began cutting holes in the floor for the new duct work.

One of the vents where the duct work will go.  You can see where the old register was.

The duct work will go in tomorrow, but I can already feel the heat wafting up through the vents!

As they were finishing up, I got a call from Bill Curran, the husband of one of my friends from our days of working at Wagon Trail Campground.  Bill is helping us with some of the bathroom remodel.  Last year we had bought a double sink countertop at the Re-Hab Store (Habitat for Humanity), but the new counter is four inches shorter than our old vanity.  Bill came over before Mark left for Indiana and we discussed the possibility of shortening the old vanity to save money.

Before:  A picture from when we first moved into the house.

After:  You can see the size comparison between the old vanity and the new counter. 

Bill is going to take the four inches from where the center post is in the picture above and push the two halves together.  I’m looking forward to having a little more room between the toilet and the sink!

Mark called me on his lunch break today.  His morning class had been about air conditioning units and the ones they were showing had a few new bells and whistles, but they were familiar enough that none of the students had any questions when the instructor was finished.  With time on his hands, the instructor offered to also show them a line of RV refrigerators that are battery operated.  Mark was very excited about them.  He said that he would talk with his seasonals about it if they are looking for a new refrigerator.

After lunch, Mark attended a class on slideouts.  He had an opportunity to get some hands-on experience in how to repair slideout motors.  When I spoke with him this evening, he said that this class was even better than classes at the school he had attended in Florida when he first became certified as an RV Tech.  He is sounding very happy and says he’s glad he came for this training.

According to Mark, Tucson has been a very good pup.  He let her take a break with him off leash, and she stayed with him.  After class, he found a dog park and took her there to play.  For some reason, it seems like every time she enters a dog park, the other dogs mob her.  Fortunately, she’s usually fast enough to leave them in her dust.  After getting away from the rough crowd this afternoon, she found some nice dogs on the opposite side of the park to play with.  I know she’s happier with Mark than she would be here at home with me, especially with all the people coming and going and all the noise.  I’m glad she and Mark are having a good time!

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