Snow? In Tucson?!

While Mark and I were eating breakfast this morning, he looked out our front door window and said, “It’s snowing!”  I left early for work, not being sure how well Arizonans drive in snow.  It almost looked as though they don’t.  There wasn’t much traffic on the road.

Mark was home with a bad cold, so I drove the truck to work. There was a little build up of snow on the windshield of the truck when I left home. The snow wasn’t sticking to the ground, but here you can see that it was sticking to the truck and the bushes.  (These pictures were taken from my office with my SmartPhone.)

At first we were getting big, fat snowflakes (which you can just barely see in this picture).

Most of the day, Mount Lemmon was enveloped in fog, but it lifted just enough for me to go out in the parking lot and get this shot of the snow on the mountain.  It’s a much bigger mountain than what you can see here.

It was fun to see people’s reactions to the snow.  One of my co-workers said this was the biggest snowstorm in Tucson in recorded history.  At one point, a teensy bit of it was sticking to the sidewalk outside our office and one of the tax pros was telling her elderly clients to be careful as they went outside.  I asked if they ever used salt on the sidewalk.  She was not familiar with the concept.  One of our clients called to say she couldn’t make it to her appointment because of the weather.  My boss couldn’t leave her house all day.  Of course, that seemed to have something to do with flooding in the street outside her home.  One young tax pro who still lives with his parents said that his mother had made six snowballs and put them in the freezer for when he got home.  I tried to refrain from laughing at everyone’s reactions.

Please keep Mark in your prayers.  This cold really has him under the weather, if you’ll excuse the pun!

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