Becoming extraneous

I am trying to write this blog on my phone because I’m not home. I had gotten back from my father’s party last Tuesday. I am back in Oregon again as of Monday this week.Last Thursday, my sister, Sherill, was walking across her living room when she heard a pop in her left leg. She had broken her femur and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The next morning they operated on her first thing. They put a titanium rod in her leg and immobilized her knee to keep her from bending it.

On Saturday, she called me to see if I could come back to help her and her husband for a couple of weeks. I flew out of Green Bay on Sunday and went to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport where I hoped to get a connecting flight to Oregon. However, due to weather conditions, my flight was delayed three times and was finally cancelled. I spent the night in the airport and finally got to Oregon the next afternoon. I arrived at Sherill’s house forty-five minutes after medical transport brought her home.

At first, Sherill and Fred needed a fair amount of help, but Sherill is doing amazingly well. A physical therapist who came over yesterday said that she is already further along than he had expected. She is able to put weight on her leg and walk with the help of a walker. She had family over for the fourth of July and she and I made food. She is taking most of her life back. Because of her leg brace, she can’t drive yet, so she still needs me to drive. I am learning to step back and let her regain her independence.


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