Desert flora

I have been fascinated by the many different types of cacti I’ve seen since we’ve been here.  Today I only worked half a day and took a taxi home (more about that later), so I decided to walk around Mission View RV Resort and do some photographing…

Knobby cacti with no spikes

Clusters of fat yellow cacti

A very thorny bush

This one caught my eye from a distance…

…but up close I could see that someone had just dressed it up as a rose bush of sorts.

This one is very large outside the pool house.

I don’t think this is a cactus or a palm tree, but I’m not sure what it is. It almost looks like fireworks!

Two tree-sized saguaro

A purple cactus

An orange tree

A grapefruit tree

Something tall and spiny

Sort of a cactus tree

The reason I had to take a taxi home from work was that Mark was being “tried out” for the day on a job at an RV place called Nelson’s RV.  He needed the truck to carry his tools.  The taxi driver I got was from Cameroon in West Africa.  He said that Cameroon was a Catholic country until the Muslims began taking over.  They came burning people’s homes and killing them.  He said he had to sleep with one eye open when he was living there.  He and his family (including five children) came to the US as refugees five years ago.  He is buying the taxi he is driving and he is hoping to get citizenship soon.  He is afraid a green card won’t protect him from deportation in the current climate.  His name is Michael.  A few prayers for him would surely go a long way!

Mark came home around 5:30 and I went out to greet him.  “Well?” I said.  He said, “I have a job!”  Apparently, they kind of expected him to be someone who likes to tinker with RV’s but doesn’t really know much.  His mentor today was trying to describe a process he wanted him to do and Mark said, “Oh, you mean a flood test.”  I think he probably impressed the socks off them!  This is the Mom-and-Pop place I mentioned last week.  It was the son that was testing Mark today, and when the day was over, he gave Mark $100 cash because he hadn’t been working as an employee yet.  Starting tomorrow, he will be employed!  He left his tools there so that he can take his Harley to work from now on and I will take the truck to work.  It’s all good!

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