Recap of the week

I last wrote on Monday and so much has happened since then…

Tuesday through Thursday, Mark worked on his resumé and went job hunting.  There were a couple places that expressed interest in him.  One was a Mom-and-Pop place with a mom that Mark really liked.  He was grinning when he came back to the truck and he said, “She doesn’t mince words.  She said she liked my s**t-kickers!”  (He was wearing his cowboy boots.)  The other asked him to send them a list of references and he got word from one of his references that they are checking on him.  There is a third company with a very long application that he is trying to fill out.  They will be visiting our park on Tuesday, so I suggested he give it to them when they come.  They’re bringing some RV’s for the folks here to look at.

Thursday, we also drove around to several bookstores to see if I could sell some books I brought with me from Kubie’s place.  One place gave me $20 for several books, which was quite a haul for me.  It was also a big help while we were waiting for Mark’s final pay check to come from B. Young RV.

Both Friday and Saturday I worked in the afternoon at H&R Block.  We made a lot of phone calls on Friday, but when I came in on Saturday, the receptionist I was replacing said she’d finished them all.  Last year, I was the only one who did them, so I was happy she worked on them, too.

Friday after work, Mark and I went to use the exercise equipment in the pool.  I found a program on the treadmill for losing weight, so I decided to try it.  A little over half way through the program, I tried to turn it off and it took me three tries to get it off.  By the time I got off, I was shaky and Mark said I was white.  He walked me around a little outside until I got some color back and then had me get in the hot tub.  I could barely walk when I got out, but somehow that evening, Mark and I managed to do a little slow dancing at a concert that was held in the clubhouse.  The music was really good!

I felt relatively okay yesterday, but when I woke up this morning, I was again in great pain, especially on the stairs going out of our RV.  We made it to church at Mark’s church and we saw something that neither of us has seen in church before…a medical emergency.  There was a woman speaking about the Holy Spirit and Mark says he saw the bishop stop her.  I didn’t see that because I was distracted by all the children who were making noise.  What I did notice was that the organist began playing music but nobody was singing.  The bishop came and sat in a pew three pews ahead of us and was talking with a man there.  I thought he was asking him to give the benediction which I thought was an odd thing for him to do in the middle of the service.  Then I noticed several other men coming to that pew and I could see a woman with her head laid back on the pew.  While I was watching that, I saw a man walk past me wearing a T-shirt and cargo pants, looking almost like a repair guy.  I thought, “That’s funny.  I’ve never seen anyone dress like that in the Mormon church before!”  But then I read what his T-shirt said — Tucson Fire Department — and it suddenly became clear to me what was happening.  I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes.  There were several EMT’s around her and they started putting electrodes on her.  After a few minutes, they got her on her feet to get her out of the pew, but she was not very steady.  They supported her as they walked her out of the sanctuary, and then the bishop announced that we would be continuing the service but would have to take a rain check on the second speaker.  When the service was over, Mark and I walked out to our truck and saw the ambulance and fire truck leaving.  For having been an emergency, it was sure handled calmly!

I have a couple pictures from this week:

Our cats enjoying the sunshine

We drove a little closer to the mission after church. One of these days we’ll go in!

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