From Galt, CA

It was foggy when we got up in Roseburg this morning.  We headed out at 9:15 am and the temperature was 39° F.  We were in and out of fog all morning as we went through the Calapooya Mountains in southern Oregon and the northern edge of California.  Here are some pictures from today.

A ghost mountain

There’s some sort of drop off on the left, but it was too foggy to see how far it went down.

Bands of sunshine

Low-hanging clouds ahead

Parked at a rest stop to stretch our legs

Leaving Oregon…

…and entering California

Mt Shasta peaking out

Mark shooting Mount Shasta at a viewpoint

At 14,162 feet above sea level, Mt Shasta is higher than Oregon’s highest mountain — Mt Hood (11,250 feet).

We had lunch at the base of Mount Shasta in Mount Shasta City.

Sunset over an orchard

This almost looks like a campaign office for 2020. If you see Lewis Brisbois running for president, remember you saw it here first!

Downtown Sacramento

We ran too long today.  It was dark and raining and we were in bumper-to-bumper traffic around Sacramento.  Galt was the closest place to Sacramento that we could find a Walmart where we could park overnight.  We arrived around 6:30 pm and the temperature was 50°.  We’re already getting into some warmer weather!

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