Mark’s progress: Sturgeon Bay, WI!

This has to be quick because I need to get to bed, but I talked with Mark this evening and he is in Sturgeon Bay.  He’s hooked up to the milk house of a couple from my church there in Sturgeon Bay who invited him to stay on their property for a couple weeks.  He says they have horses, goats, and chickens, and the cats are fascinated!  He sent me a picture with a joyous message: Continue reading

Mark’s progress: Goshen, IN

It was a dark and stormy night when I reached Mark… for him, not me.  He was still driving and he was near Lake Michigan after having crossed two and a half states.  Every so often he’d say, “Wow!” and I’d know there had been another massive lightning strike like you only get in the Midwest. Continue reading

Mark’s progress: Manchester, TN

Mark spoke to me from Manchester, TN this evening.  He said he has finally gotten into cold weather.  I asked him if he had any stories to report and he said that at one point today, traffic was so packed together that the trailer of a semi bumped and scratched the housing for one of his side mirrors.  That’s pretty tight! Continue reading

Outside my window

I don’t know if I mentioned that I am working in downtown Portland now and I am able to do all kinds of “People Watching”.  Our office is right on the sidewalk behind City Hall, and there are floor to ceiling windows, not only completely around our office (including out to the lobby), but also all across the lobby entrance.  So what do I see? Continue reading

You be the judge

Shortly after Mark got to Florida, his tablet was stolen.  We both realized the severity of this.  All our financial information was on it, our personal information, our lives.  I immediately called Verizon and told them I wanted to cancel our account so that the thief would have no access to our information and wouldn’t be able to use the tablet on our bill.  I wanted to not have to pay for something we didn’t have any more.  Here is the chat I had with Verizon tonight.  I have not corrected any of the spelling or grammar.  The only thing I have changed is taking out the phone number to be used for the call for privacy reasons.  What is your verdict?  If I am not communicating well enough to be understood, what should I say during the phone call?
Continue reading